Cutout installation on Patch's 2002 C5
The ashtray on the left and my custom switchbox I built on the right
The FLP cutouts with  electrics and the switchbox.  I was hoping these was going to just fit in place of the existing FLP cats.  They were too wide to fit .  Time for 'Plan B'.
A closeup of the switchbox
Clearance for the switch cut out of the IP trim panel
Switchbox and switch installed
IP trim panel completed
Clearance cut for the switch in the bracket as well
Ready for wiring
Took the opportunity to add the last bit of insulation I had left out during the sound/heat insulation mod
Wire loom added to protect the wiring
Laid the cabling out in preparation for the pull up the torque tube tunnel
Attached the cable to fish tape with duct tape and pulled it through to the cabin
It emerged out of the shifter access hole intact
Clearance-notched the shifter isolator for the wiring
Re-assembled the console
Ready for the actual cutout install at Grand Mufflers in Marietta, Georgia
Underside view - ready for the install
You can see the electrical plugs I installed tied up with red tie-wraps waiting for the cutouts.
Shane at Grand Mufflers did a great install.  He used internal welds and positioned the cutouts expertly.  He rotated the gearmotors out of harms way and mounted them there.
A worm's eye-view.  The turndowns are flush with the tank shields and actually have more clearance than the FLP clamps.   They are pointed backward and down at about 30 degrees.
They work well and sound  beautiful.
Click here to watch a video clip of the  car idling and revving
Click here to watch a video clip of a driveby
Click here to watch a video clip of a driveby with closed cutouts